100 Mile Yard Sale stretches along Highway 29 in Pittsylvania County

The sale originated back in October of 2015

CHATHAM, Va. – Sell, buy, or trade for the next five days at the 100 Mile Yard Sale all along Highway 29.

From Amherst to Danville, you will be able to get your yard sale fix this weekend. The 100 Mile Yard Sale originated in Altavista back in October of 2015. The big yard sale usually last Thursday, Friday, Saturday (which is the big day), and Sunday — but this year, the “Yard Sale Queen” is starting a day early. Her name is Karen Hearn and at her yard sale, you can find a wide range of items. She sells Barbies, clothing, pet supplies, jewelry, and antiques.

Even though Hearn has a large inventory, she says her favorite part of the sale is meeting the people.

“It is not so much about selling stuff. It is about seeing your friends, your acquaintances and its about becoming a part of the community,” said Hearn.

Hearn said she always has one unique item for buyers to look at. This year, it is an original jewel tee floor sweeper from the 1920s.

Whether you are selling, buying, or trading at the yard sale this year you can also help out a good cause. Volunteers from the Northern Pittsylvania County Food Center will have a booth set up right next to Hearn’s. All of the funds from their booth will go back to the food bank.

Sunda Myers, a volunteer with the food bank, expects a lot of people to come out to the event and to help out.

“I hope they realize its for a good cause number one. Number two, I hope they see something they like that they can purchase and number three I hope that we can just make new friends because when you make new friends and hopefully one day they might get involved,” said Myers.

The food center helps provide meals to those in need and makes sure no one goes hungry. They are always looking for more volunteers. If you would like to get involved you can visit their website or give them a call.

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