‘Stuff the Bus’ helping children in foster care at the Isaiah 117 House

You can donate new items at the Liberty Christian Academy

LYNCHBURG, Va. – Liberty Christian Academy is teaming up with the Isaiah 117 House in Lynchburg to host a “Stuff the Bus” event to collect items for children in foster care. On Oct. 11 and 12, you will see a minibus parked outside of the Liberty Christian Academy. Their goal is to fill the bus with new items to help children who are transitioning into foster care.

You can donate socks, underwear, shoes, toiletries, diapers, cups and bottles to “Stuff the Bus.”

The Isiah 117 House is a Christian ministry that provides physical and emotional support for children waiting for their foster care placement. When a child is removed from their home and taken in to foster care, they wait for their placement at the Department of Social Services. What the Isaiah House will do is provide them with a safe and comfortable home to wait at instead. They will also provide the essentials, such as clothes, shoes, toys, and whatever else they need to make the transition smoother and get them through the first couple of weeks.

“The Isaiah 1:17 House is going to allow them to fill a duffel bag and leave and enter their new foster home with a sense of dignity, rather than feeling like a refugee. They will be able to have this stuffed duffel bag with not only items but with brand new items, because these children deserve the best,” said Dana Guenther, the expansion coordinator for the Isaiah House.

If you would like to donate or learn more information about the Isaiah 117 House, click here.

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