Clifton Forge locals excited to see town, neighbors star in Hulu show ‘Dopesick’

During the filming of ‘Dopesick,’ many Southwest Virginia residents were able to act as extras

CLIFTON FORGE, Va. – Hundreds of people gathered at the Historic Masonic Theatre in Clifton Forge Wednesday night to watch their town make its debut in the new Hulu show, “Dopesick.”

The people of Southwest Virginia have spoken and they’re saying the mini-series is a hit.

“I watched three episodes this morning. I stayed up and watched three,” said Floyd resident, Steven Beaver.

The show is based on the book written by former Roanoke Times reporter, Beth Macy which details the opioid epidemic. Clifton Forge and other parts of Virginia were filming locations. Giving residents the chance to see the show come to life.

“Well it was a fascinating experience because I have never been around a film before,” said Virginia native, Tom Bibb.

Locals also got the opportunity to act as extras in the show.

“It was something fun to do in the winter and of course support the efforts for our town. It’s a really big deal to have Hollywood come to a small town,” said life-long Clifton Forge resident, Michael Hayslett.

The Historic Masonic Theatre premiered the first episode to a sold-out crowd Wednesday night.

“It makes me feel great and I just want to give them a big thanks and give all the love back to them. They really rolled out, literally the red carpet for the cast and crew,” said Macy.

Officials say the series brought over $45 million to Virginia and supported nearly 200 local businesses. Because of Clifton Forge’s hospitality, more projects could come to the area.

“Well certainly the best marketing we can have is word of mouth. when people come and have a great experience it creates a repeat customer,” said Andy Edmunds with the Virginia Film Office.

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