Deadly shooting hits home for Roanoke City councilman who lost brother-in-law to gun violence

Councilman Robert Jeffrey Jr.’s brother-in-law, Clayton Williams, was shot and killed Sunday morning on Williamson Road

A deadly weekend of gun violence in Roanoke struck home deeper than usual for a member of city council.

ROANOKE, Va.A deadly weekend of gun violence in Roanoke struck home deeper than usual for a member of city council. Councilman Robert Jeffrey Jr.’s brother-in-law was shot and killed Sunday.

10 News sat down one on one with the Jeffrey family to hear their message to people in the community about the rise in gun violence.

Early Sunday morning, Robert Jeffrey Jr. and his wife Bettina received a call about her brother, Clayton Williams, no person ever wants to receive.

“His girlfriend was screaming and yelling in shock and she informed me that he had been shot and he was gone. Those were her word - that he was gone,” said Bettina.

Roanoke police say Williams was shot and killed on Williamson Road. Bettina says she was told by his girlfriend, who was there at the time, that Williams had a disagreement with the shooter weeks before and thought the issue was resolved.

“Never would have thought someone so loving and kind would be taken away so tragically,” said Bettina.

Robert, who has served on city council since the beginning of the year, says something needs to happen to stop this kind of violence.

“It strikes home with us and our family tremendously. It affects our community. We are killing our community, we really are. As a council member, our responsibility is to help protect and serve our community and we’re going to do that,” he said.

Williams’ death is one of over a dozen deadly shootings in Roanoke just this year. Bettina hopes he’s remembered as more than a statistic.

“Anybody that knows him will remember his smile. He had a smile that would light up a room. And his laughter. He was always making jokes and always willing to do something for somebody else,” she said.

Roanoke police say no arrests have been made in the case.

Bettina remains hopeful her brother’s killer will be caught.

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