Liberty University asking former Senior VP to turn over documents and trade secret information

The university is suing Scott Lamb for up to $3 million for defamation

The lawsuit filed against a former Liberty University employee is moving forward.

LYNCHBURG, Va. – A fired Liberty University spokesperson was back in Federal Court Friday. The university is suing Scott Lamb for up to $3 million for defamation.

This comes after Lamb, the university’s former senior vice president of communications and public engagement, filed his own lawsuit against the university on Oct. 25. He says he was fired from LU on Oct. 6, after calling out university leadership for mishandling sexual assault complaints in violation of Title IX laws.

However, Liberty denies his claims, saying he was fired without cause. His lawsuit comes as LU faces a separate lawsuit from 12 women, accusing the university of mishandling sexual assault and rape investigations.

On Friday, Lamb appeared in court. During the two-day evidentiary hearing, Liberty attorneys tried to get the judge to order an injunction, asking Lamb to turn over all documents or trade secret information. Liberty attorneys argue it belongs to the university.

Lamb said in court that investigators with the Department of Education are asking him for documents and interviews regarding LU. He took the stand Friday to say that he hasn’t released any privileged information.

After nearly four hours, the judge did not order an injunction. Instead, he asked the prosecution and the defense to work together over the weekend to come to an agreement on how to turn the information over and how to pay for it.

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