Roanoke Police no longer responding to certain animal-related calls due to staffing shortage

Police will still respond to calls involving animals that are hurt or have injured others

ROANOKE, Va. – The Roanoke Police Department will be shifting its focus when it comes to animal-related calls.

Since the department’s Animal Protection and Services Unit is having a staffing shortage, the department is modifying the animal-related calls it responds to in an attempt to maximize its efforts.

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Authorities said they will continue to assist animals that are most in need of their services such as animals that are sick, hurt, neglected, abused or in immediate danger. Roanoke Police will also answer all calls involving animals that have injured others.

On the other hand, the Animal Protection and Services Unit will no longer help with calls involving stray/loose animals, wildlife on your property or animals that you have safely caught.

Police said if you have found strays or lost/found pets, take them to the shelter. The shelter will then help you get the animal(s) back safely to their homes and owners.

For help with calls the department is no longer responding to, you can contact the following organizations:

  • Regional Center for Animal Care and Protection, 540-344-4922
  • Angels of Assisi, (540) 344-8707
  • Friends of RCACP,

If you catch a stray pet, you must immediately contact the Regional Center for Animal Care and Protection at 540-344-4922 for tracking purposes.

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