A closer look at urban heat islands in Virginia and their deadly effects

This story is part of a new program at WSLS 10, Solutionaries

ROANOKE, Va. – Urban heat islands are an issue across the country as well as here in Virginia.

Did you know that there are parts of Roanoke that are full of concrete and lack green space where it can be 15 degrees warmer than nearby areas?

Even in the winter months, heat islands are easy to identify. When it snows, it melts slower in green spaces like parks.

These green spaces help the environment, your bank account and can also save lives.

Higher temperatures can cause stronger storms, flash flooding, respiratory problems, heat exhaustion and strokes.

We’re taking an in-depth look at the problem of urban heat islands, what the city has done to find solutions and what you can do too!

We talked to both Roanoke’s Sustainability Outreach Coordinator Nell Boyle about some local neighborhoods and WSLS 10 Meteorologist Justin McKee about the trends.

This story is part of a new program at WSLS 10, Solutionaries.

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