Here’s how you can help a Hill City veterans group win a national grant

The Lynchburg Area Veterans Council says they’ll use the money to fight veteran homelessness

LYNCHBURG, Va. – The Lynchburg Area Veterans Council is one of three national finalists to win a $10,000 grant from the Homes for Heroes Foundation – and need your vote to help them win.

“We could help get veterans off the street that are unhoused and get them qualified for other programs through the VA and the state and through the continuing care committee,” said Tom Current, council president.

He says they’re seeing a spike in veteran homeless in the Hill City.

Right now, they’re helping about a dozen service members with temporary housing by paying for hotels as they wait to receive benefits.

“It always takes a few days to get the veteran qualified, vetted, get them in the system,” said Current.

Current says they’ve helped hundreds of veterans in eight years and raised nearly $500,000 in aid for housing, furniture, or utility bills.

The council also owns the historical, childhood home of Lynchburg native and veteran Desmond Doss, who inspired the movie ‘Hacksaw Ridge.’

Current says maintaining the home for three veterans and paying for hotels cost the council more than $75,000 in 2021.

“If you’re a veteran from World War II, all the way down to Iraq and Afghanistan, we’ll help you,” said Steve Bozeman, vice president of the council.

Bozeman is a veteran who also leads the weekly Monument Terrace Troop Rally, which shows support for those who serve.

“A mother brought her son down [to attend the rally]. He was a veteran, and he couldn’t stay at their house because of issues; so he was pretty much homeless. She said, ‘can you help him?’ and we did. Actually, [Current] came back that Friday afternoon and we got him a place to stay in,” said Bozeman.

They need your vote to win the grant and help more veterans.

Voting ends on Feb. 28.

Click here to cast your vote.

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