WATCH: Roanoke NAACP members discuss the generational push for racial equality, justice

WSLS 10 brought together the organization’s first president and current youth council president

ROANOKE, Va. – The battle for equality and justice has been an ongoing push here in Southwest Virginia.

Our area has seen everything from a peaceful march in 1965 in honor of the Rev. James Reeb, who was killed during a demonstration for civil rights in Selma, Alabama, to demonstrations in downtown Roanoke in 2020 following the death of George Floyd.

People of all generations continue to push for change, which is why we brought together members of the Roanoke branch of the NAACP to discuss the fight for civil rights yesterday, today and into the future.

Gloria Randolph-King, Roanoke NAACP’s first vice president, and Christion Bryant, Roanoke NAACP’s youth council president, sat down and talked about their continued push for equality.

Watch the full conversation below:

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