Gas prices skyrocketing in Virginia and across the nation

Prices in Virginia are $1.08 more compared to this day last year

Drivers in Virginia are paying the price at the pump.

“They suck. They’re bad,” said Terry Pauley, who lives in West Virginia.

“I think the gas prices is getting ridiculous,” said Gene Cobbs.

Gas prices reached near-record levels overnight jumping 11 cents nationwide and 13 cents in Virginia.

Terry Pauley drove to Roanoke from West Virginia on Friday for a doctor’s appointment.

“It’s hard on somebody on a fixed income because you only have so much a month and you can only drive so far,” said Pauley.

Gene Cobbs, who lives in Roanoke, doesn’t own a car. He said with these prices, he’s better off.

“To be honest, I’m glad I don’t have no car right now because it’s like another bill,” said Cobbs.

According to AAA, the last time we saw gas prices this high was March of 2012. The record in Virginia was $4.01 back in July of 2008.

Prices in Virginia are up 29 cents since last week, 49 cents since last month and $1.08 more compared to this day last year.

Mid-Atlantic spokesperson Morgan Dean said the conflict between Russia and Ukraine is a major contributing factor.

“It’s very hard to say how high prices could go and how much longer we might be dealing with all of this,” said Dean.

With the upcoming demand for oil during spring break and summer vacations and the uncertainty surrounding possible sanctions against Russia, drivers might have to shell out even more.

“Uncertainty is really bad for economic activity,” said Dr. Thomas Duncan, an associate professor of economics at Radford University. “And a big conflict like a war in Europe is a lot of uncertainty.”

Duncan said gas prices were already on the rise due to inflation. But since Russia is a major global supplier of oil, increased sanctions could make matters worse.

Pauley said he’ll have to save elsewhere

“You gotta budget your money to where you can get back and forth and you just gotta watch what you’re spending,” said Pauley.

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