Virginia State Parks Adventure Series returns this weekend with new races

There are twenty-two races in total

The Virginia State Park Adventure Series returns this weekend with a wide range of competitive events held in state parks across the Commonwealth.

Events include adventure races, running events, mountain bike races, cyclocross races, triathlons, gravel time trial and an old-school enduro race.

Their unique scoring system offers two ways to win, either by point total or participation. They have also expanded the number of winners for the top ten competition categories. With spring just around the corner, this is a great way to get outside and enjoy the outdoors.

“This is a great opportunity to for our parks to introduce different people to what’s available that they can do on the weekend at parks in the different facilities that we have throughout Virginia and just the diversity,” said Dave Neudeck, communications and marketing director for Virginia State Parks. “It brings people from all around. Last year we had 11 states represented.”

There are twenty-two races in total. The first race in the series is this Saturday with the Tour de Pocahontas at Pocahontas state park.

Participants will also be competing for prizes while visiting various state parks.

“We are able to put together some very exciting prize packages with the overall winners in male and female category having a prize package of over an excess of one thousand dollars. So, they participate, these athletes and a number of races generate their points. We have prizes for the top ten in each of those categories as well as individual prizes,” said Neudeck.

There are several ways to win prizes. If you compete in six adventure series races you can win a $100 Virginia state park gift certificate and annual pass. If you compete in any four races, you win a Virginia state parks annual pass and will be entered into a drawing for $150 park gift certificate. Scoring is based on the race and each race will be assigned 100 points.

For a full list of races, click here.

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