Franklin County Sheriff’s Office warns of new scam

Scam involves paint, driveway sealant diluted with gasoline

FRANKLIN COUNTY, Va. – The Franklin County Sheriff’s Office is warning residents about a new scam.

The department posted on Facebook Saturday morning that the scam has been confirmed in the Roanoke area.

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Roanoke area law enforcement agencies, plus agencies in several South Carolina jurisdictions report that the group of scammers is known by the name of Irish Travellers, a mobile group of people attempting to scam and target the elderly.

Allegedly, they offer to seal driveways and/or paint houses, sheds and barns. The product they use is diluted with gasoline and damages most driveways beyond repair. The painting of buildings is also done with a paint diluted with gasoline and doesn’t stay on the building.

The department didn’t share any photos but said the Irish Travellers drive newer Dodge trucks with large tanks in the back. In the Roanoke area, reports show they were using white Dodge trucks.

If you have any information or any questions, you’re asked to contact Investigator Steve McFarling at 540-352-5221 or by emailing

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