Doctors say cow’s milk can be baby formula alternative for some amid shortage

If the child is older than one and a pediatrician recommends it, it’s a good last-resort solution

ROANOKE, Va. – The baby formula shortage is causing some parents to look for alternatives.

Dairy milk isn’t typically recommended but can be an option for some.

Carilion Clinic Pediatrician Dr. Ryan Fulton says this should only be used for children over the age of one and with the recommendation of your pediatrician.

He says young babies should avoid cow’s milk because there isn’t much iron and if you do go that route, limit their intake to 24-ounces a day. But remember, not all milk is the same.

“It would be recommended whole milk because the fat content is going to be most close to the needs of the infant. You want to avoid plant-based milks and other types of milk,” said Fulton.

He also said cow’s milk should be used as a last resort but is better than diluting formula or trying to make it at home.

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