‘Good reminder that life is super precious’: Hikers react to man falling off McAfee Knob

Identity, condition of hiker who fell off mountain still unconfirmed

ROANOKE COUNTY, Va. – There are still a lot of questions after a man fell off McAfee Knob, including his identity and his condition.

Roanoke County Fire and Rescue responded to a call Sunday morning that a man in his 20′s had fallen an estimated 50 feet off the top of the mountain.

“I do think some of our initial information said that the subject had stumbled and fell off the top. As to what caused him to stumble or whatever, no idea,” said Brian Clingenpeel, Roanoke County Fire and Rescue Community Outreach Coordinator.

The department said three all-terrain vehicles, about 30 first responders and three police officers assisted in the rescue operation. Initial rescuers and a wilderness medical doctor from Carilion helped get the hiker to a waiting helicopter.

“When our paramedics got there, they were reporting that he had a stable airway and was fairly stable, but was in serious condition. Obviously needed to get to the hospital quickly and that’s why we used the helicopter,” said Clingenpeel.

The hiker’s current condition has not been confirmed, but the incident has shaken up the hiking community.

“It’s just a good reminder that life is super precious. It doesn’t matter if you’re experienced or not, those things can just happen. It might just make us tighten our bootstraps a little more,” said Troy Flathau, who was hiking in Roanoke on Monday.

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