Virginia Tech leads groundbreaking research on malaria in mosquitos

As mosquito season is ramping up, we're checking out a project that is taking the bite out of malaria.

BLACKSBURG, Va. – As mosquito season is ramping up, a research project at Virginia Tech is taking the bite out of malaria.

A research team at Virginia Tech uncovered something groundbreaking that might just change the way mosquitos spread disease.

By studying the DNA of different species, researchers have found a path to potentially remove malaria from mosquitos or make it less contagious.

10 News spoke with the lead researcher who says this could have huge implications for the community.

“I am very happy that we are able to contribute to this whole world effort to fight these devastating diseases from different animals so hopefully this combined effort will yield some positive results,” said Dr. Igor Sharakhov, an associate professor of entomology.

The results could lead to better treatment for mosquito-borne diseases in the future.

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