Roanoke area refugees look to help those impacted by earthquake

Even thousands of miles away, Afghan refugees remain heartbroken over devastating earthquake

ROANOKE, Va. – Afghan refugees in the Star City woke up to heartbreaking news on Wednesday after a 5.9 magnitude earthquake struck their home country of Afghanistan.

Mohammad Hassanzada escaped from combat and warfare in Afghanistan to California., and later moved to Roanoke in 2017.

Hassanzada found out about the earthquake the morning it happened on the phone with a friend in the country.

“It’s difficult. It’s really difficult. I wish I was there at least to help…a little bit,” Hassanzada said.

The earthquake killed thousands of people and injured more than two thousand more.

With limited technology in the country, people are doing everything they can to help the most amount of families and individuals.

“There are very little medical supplies. We don’t have the technology to help people buried there,” Hassanzada said. ”They have to work together to dig people out themselves,”

The earthquake is now the newest thing added to a list of sufferings for the country of Afghanistan; War, hunger, storms, and unemployment are just a few of the other things people in the country are experiencing during the time of the earthquake.

Hassanzada’s hope for help is echoed by other Afghan refugees settled in the area.

Sharifa Azizi moved to Virginia with her son in 2016. While she lives her life out here, she says she wishes she was back home.

“I’m feeling I’m 20% in the United States. 80% I’m in Afghanistan,” Azizi said.

Azizi says she knows the country can come together during this time to help one another out. She also hopes the world gives a hand in helping as well.

“We will overcome this,” Azizi said.

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