Gov. Youngkin, Roanoke Mayor Sherman Lea seeking more solutions to gun violence in Roanoke

“We gotta get tougher. We gotta get harder,” said Lea

ROANOKE, Va. – More than $500,000 in grants, creative initiatives like the “Groceries not Guns” buyback program, new employees and more have been implemented in Roanoke within the last year to combat gun violence. But is it enough?

Mayor Sherman Lea admits he asks himself that often, which is why he is open to taking many different approaches to solving the issue.

“Everybody can play a role. So, I’m appreciative of citizens coming together, working with our police to try to make this work,” said Lea.

Through the city’s American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funds, $2 million was set aside for this effort. An additional $400,000 was also dedicated to the issue, according to the Mayor.

“I was encouraged by the conversation with the Governor because he feels, as I do, that we gotta take some action against these issues now,” stated Lea.

The Mayor says Governor Glenn Youngkin said money to hire more officers is in the state budget and grant money will be given out as well.

No word yet on how much or when it would arrive.

“We gotta get tougher. We gotta get harder,” said Lea.

WSLS 10 News reached out to Governor Glenn Youngkin’s team for comment. When we hear back, we will update this article

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