Suspect in Blacksburg shooting in court for preliminary hearing

For the first time, we're hearing from victims of the shooting back in February

CHRISTIANSBURG, Va. – For the first time, we hear from victims involved in the downtown Blacksburg shooting at a hookah lounge in early February.

Victims and people who were involved appeared before a judge and testified in a preliminary hearing in Montgomery County.

On Thursday, a Virginia Tech student who was shot explained what he saw during the incident.

“He let shots inside the hookah lounge,” said Arion Kirven, a witness.

Kirven was hanging out with friends in Radford when they decided to go to the hookah lounge.

“All I remember is running,” Kirven said.

Shamar Mansion explained that he was relaxing and enjoying a night out with friends in downtown Blacksburg.

“I ran towards the back of the building, after about ten feet I ran behind one of the pieces of furniture, and that’s when I realized I was shot,” Mansion said.

Mansion was shot in the left buttock, and he had multiple surgeries because of intestinal damage. He stayed in the hospital for about a week.

“So they had to do surgery for that in that area,” Mansion said.

Blacksburg Police also gave their testimony.

“Upon entrance to the hookah lounge, I observed a victim on the left two victims in the center, and a victim on the right,” Officer Andrew McFee, a responding officer, said.

McFee explained that he checked the area after they heard the suspect flee to a nearby 7/11.

After not finding anything, McFee attempted to help people inside.

“I observed the victim on the left had no one working with them I observed what appeared to be a wound to the head,” McFee said.

The accused shooter, 24-year-old Jamel Flint of Roanoke, surrendered himself to police the following day of the shooting.

Police said that 18-year-old Isiah Robinson was killed and four others were hurt in the incident.

Detectives questioned Flint a second time after his arrest about the shooting.

“During one of the statements to us I believe one statement was, I can’t say I didn’t do it,” Detective Ryan Hite with Blacksburg Police Department said.

The grand jury is expected to see the evidence on Oct. 25 and a trial is scheduled to be set after.

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