Delegate drama: Del. March files charges against Del. Williams ahead of election

WYTHEVILLE, Va. – Two Virginia delegates will not only face each other in an upcoming House of Delegates election but also in a Wythe County General District courtroom.

This comes after Delegate Marie March filed charges against Delegate Wren Williams for an incident she said occurred over the weekend.

According to March, Williams slammed into her shoulder while he was leaving a GOP event on Saturday night in Wytheville.

March told 10 News she decided to file assault charges against Williams.

“In a million years did I think another house of delegate legislature would like, body slam into me,” she told 10 News in a one-on-one interview.

Williams said he is innocent, and he merely bumped into her as he was leaving an event, which he immediately turned and apologized to her for. He added that these charges and claims are all part of a political stunt by March.

“She has charged me falsely and there will be repercussions for her lies,” Williams told 10 News during an interview on Monday.

Williams said his arraignment is scheduled for Nov. 21 in Wythe County General District court.

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