Hurricane recovery efforts begin in Florida

There's a lot of help coming to the areas of Orlando, Tampa, and Fort Myers, but there's still a long road ahead

NAPLES, Fla. – Recovery efforts are just beginning where Hurricane Ian made landfall as the storm now moves through the northern part of Florida.

On Wednesday, Ian completely flooded the Naples Fire & Rescue building, but on Thursday, those crews were gearing up to help.

Whether it was by truck or by jet ski, those crews were ready to do whatever they could to help rescue others.

Efforts like those shown by the Florida crews are happening across the sunshine state, with many others ready to lend a helping hand.

96 members of the Miami-Dade’s Fire Rescue Squad left on Thursday morning to help areas the hurricane hit, and dozens of ambulances were lined up outside of Naples.

Even an Australian news crew was ready to chip in.

“Just helping some people through the water here, that’s our camera operator Glen Ellis out there,” Tim Lester with the Australian news crew said.

For survivors, they might find neighborhoods to be completely unrecognizable, and notice that some communities will never be the same. It may take months or years to fully rebuild.

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Alli Graham came aboard the digital team as an evening digital content producer in June 2022.