Manufacturing company to create more than 160 jobs in Botetourt County

The new manufacturing facility, Munters, builds cooling systems for data centers

DALEVILLE, Va. – Botetourt County is the new home for yet another globally known manufacturing company, bringing with it hundreds of jobs.

Munters is an energy manufacturing company that builds cooling systems for data centers, which helps to keep companies energy efficient.

“We have so much innovation going on and we have so much customer demand going on and we are building a future that is just at the beginning of this journey,” said CEO, Klas Forsstrom.

“We make energy-saving equipment for that. So we are able to help save money while cooling those servers in those data centers and keep things running,” said Director of Operations, Charles Hodnett.

The new facility will start off offering 160 jobs, but that number is expected to grow in the future.

“This allows us an opportunity to provide jobs, to provide then homes for people and they will stay in our county and contribute to our county,” said Botetourt County Board of Supervisor, Amy White.

The success of Munters’ transition to the Botetourt Center at Greenfield shows the county continues to be open for business.

“Companies when they see the support that other companies receive, they want to be in that game as well. That’s how we’ve grown in that particular part of the county and we do feel like these companies and we feel like they are our family,” said White.

Munters is still hiring for positions at the new facility.

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