Blue Ridge Nightmares opens in Roanoke for the season

‘It is something that you won’t see anywhere else.’

ROANOKE, Va – Spooky season is here and you can celebrate in Roanoke with Blue Ridge Nightmares!

The haunted attraction opens for the season on Sept. 30.

You can explore more than 60,000 square feet of haunted scenes and displays from Roanoke’s rich history. You will be scared while walking through familiar sets from the iconic Hotel Roanoke, to the old hospital.

Anthony Giordano, the Creative Director of Blue Ridge Nightmare says, “It is something that you won’t see anywhere else, and we also incorporate a lot of Roanoke’s history. Whether it be buildings that were here or props or signage that no longer exists, I incorporated as much of the history I can get my hands on to make it something very personal to Roanoke.”

It takes more than 50 actors to make Blue Ridge Nightmares possible.

If you prefer not to be scared, there is another option to enjoy the haunted attraction. The Not So Scary behind-the-scenes matinee takes place every Saturday and Sunday from 4 - 6 p.m.

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