Bald Eagle dies after being hit by driver in Giles County

The eagle suffered from a compound fracture of the radius and ulna, as well as a humerus fractured inside the shoulder

A bald eagle was hit by a vehicle in Giles County. (Courtesy of: Giles County Animal Shelter) (WSLS)


The Bald Eagle that was hit by a car in Giles County on Friday has died, according to Sabrina with the Southwest Virginia Wildlife Center of Roanoke.

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The eagle was taken to the center after the incident, and according to center staff, it was in bad shape when it arrived.

The Wildlife Center said that unfortunately, the eagle had a compound fracture of the radius and ulna, but its humerus was fractured inside the shoulder.

The injuries were too extensive for the bird to ever be able to fly again, according to center staff. Because of this, the staff had to put the eagle down.


A Bald Eagle was hit by a car in Giles County Friday.

The eagle was transported to the Wildlife Center in Roanoke, after suffering a broken wing and a possible broken shoulder.

Giles County Animal Shelter says the Bald Eagle is young, about four or five years old, just starting to get his white head and tail.

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