Grandin Village dedicates ‘Walls That Unite’ murals during first Blocktoberfest

Nine artists from Virginia designed and painted pieces all based on a word they think unites people

ROANOKE, Va. – Hanging up outside the Roanoke Co+op are nine murals a part of the ‘Walls That Unite’ project in Grandin Village.

Through a collaborative partnership between the Grandin Village Business Association, the Roanoke Arts Commission, and the Roanoke Natural Foods Co+op the murals bring a little more attraction to the city.

John Bryant is the Marketing Manager for Roanoke Co+op. He says the murals are all different but also have a similar inspiration behind them.

“We’ve got nine different artists that put up a piece here and they’re all different words that sort of unite folks…so family, love, strength,” Bryant.

One of the words was ‘Diversity’. Mason Scott took the word and thought about what it meant for him. He used music as a way to unite people as he knows how music has helped people close to him.

“I’ve been around with a lot of people who were going through a lot of mental struggles and using music or something in-betweens to get out of that route,” Scott said.

Scott has had a passion for art from a very young age.

“As a kid it was really kind of hard, personally me as a child really expressing a lot of things,” Scott said. “So I really just use that as something to do more than just from words.”

His art will remain in the Grandin Village for many years. He hopes to one day make a career out of his artwork and he looks forward to showcasing at more shows in the future.

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