A teenage thief gets a heated taste of his own medicine after stealing ‘the world’s hottest gummy bear’

The pharmacy says the teen ‘heaved repeatedly all over the sidewalk’

ODESSA, Tx. – A teenager got stuck in a sticky, heated situation after stealing “the world’s hottest gummy bear” from a pharmacy in Texas last week, according to the pharmacy’s Facebook post.

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The pharmacy, Sunflower Rx, says the 16-year-old stole a Lil’ Nitro. The gummy bear forced him to return to the store, sweating, and steal a ‘Love is Love Peach Peace Tea’ and a Coke.

After throwing himself on the floor and positioning himself in child’s pose, Sunflower Rx says they asked if he needed an ambulance. “Please don’t,” said the teenager. “I’m okay. I just ate something really spicy.”

The pharmacy told the teenager to throw up outside after he asked for a trashcan. He threw up repeatedly on the sidewalk, according to the Facebook post.

The teen’s sister came to help him and offered to pay for the stolen drinks, but Sunflower Rx says they told her it was fine.

“I hope you are feeling better, but not so much better that you didn’t learn something,” said Sunflower Rx.

The pharmacy says Lil’ Nitro is 900 times hotter than a jalapeno and over five times hotter than a carolina reaper.

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