Inflation, crime on top priority list for 9th Congressional district candidates

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Control of Congress depends on state elections like the one heating up in Virginia’s 9th Congressional district.

Incumbent Rep. Morgan Griffith will face off with newcomer Dem. Taysha DeVaughan.

“We deserve real representation from real people who know what really goes on in our communities and what it feels like to struggle and what it feels like to be unseen, unheard, and very unrepresented. Politics is the place where we can make some real changes, legislatively,” said DeVaughan.

As a single mother who lives in Big Stone Gap, DeVaughan said she wants to bring a level of authenticity back to Congress.

DeVaughan said she also wants to focus on creating opportunities for the district with well-paying jobs, infrastructure updates to transportation and broadband, and building up affordable housing.

“If we’re going to solve the problems of today and tomorrow, we need the people who work today and tomorrow and not the people who don’t know what that’s like anymore,” stated DeVaughan.

Rep. Griffith said he wants to continue focusing on the economy and crime, which should be tackled with collaborative work.

“This is where the federal government can do some help, we can bring in some extra Commonwealth Attorneys or U.S. District Attorneys to help the state,” said Griffith.

If DeVaughan wins, she’ll be the first Dem. in the seat since Griffith unseated Rep. Rich Boucher in 2010.

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