Autism workshop helps bridge the gap for those on the spectrum

The workshop featured the author of ‘The Un-Prescription for Autism’

ROANOKE, Va. – Children with autism are often overlooked during the transition from high school to adulthood, but a workshop at the Hotel Roanoke today helped parents and supporters bridge the gap.

The workshop explored the invisible health challenges those on the autism spectrum often face.

They spoke to parents of children with autism, as well as other community members about services and ways to support those on the spectrum from childhood into adulthood.

Dr. Janet Lintala spoke to the group about her own research as a doctor, as well as a mom of children with autism.

“27 years ago, there weren’t quite the resources or internet connections that there are,” Dr. Lintala said. “And it’s been quite a journey to discover that. And so I’m just really passionate about sharing it with other parents in the community.”

The workshop is a part of the Botetourt Chamber of Commerce’s outreach mission of bringing educational programs to the community.

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