Family collecting encouragement cards for UVA football team

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HARRISONBURG, Va. – After a tragedy took three UVA students’ lives earlier this week, one family is paying it forward.

The Bolen Family is collecting encouragement cards from the community for players to read.

Lucas Bolen is a UVA superfan and, since four years old, he has loved UVA Football.

He has battled several health issues, but along the way, there was always a Cavalier by his side.

“We sat in many doctor’s appointments, hospitals,” Lisa Bolen, Lucas’ mom, said. “When Lucas had surgery, those boys actually became our family.”

The team officially adopted him as part of the Thursday Hero Program in 2016.

He became the team’s “little brother,” and was able to get behind the scenes of the UVA Football Program and meet with the players.

“I used to go into the locker room, they used to give me game balls,” Lucas said.

Lucas could still connect with the team and meet different players as the years went by, even current players.

“Last year we met Brenda, an extraordinary woman,” Lisa said.

Brenda is Mike Hollins’ mother, and the two families made a connection this year.

It was a tough pill to swallow when the news broke that Mike, Lavel, D’Sean, Devin, and Marlee were shot.

“I can’t even imagine what these families are going through,” Lucas said.

Mike is one of the shooting victims who survived.

The Bolen family came up with the idea of getting encouragement cards for Mike to read while he recovers.

“M, stands for Mighty Mike get well soon, I, Important for you to know we want you to get better, K, know that you are amazing and strong, E, everyone is here to cheer for you and support you,” Amber Bolen, Lucas’ sister, read.

Amber expected about 50-100 cards, but through the power of social media, she is expecting to get more.

“We have over 700 people interested in doing cards for Mike, people from all over from North Carolina, South Carolina, everywhere reached out to me saying hey we want to send a card let me know when the P.O. Box is set up, " Amber said.

If you would like to create a card for Mike Hollins and Marlee Morgan, you can address the envelopes with the information below.

To send a card to Mike Hollins:

Attention: Mike Hollins

P.O. Box 884

Harrisonburg, Va. 22803

To send a card to Marlee Morgan:

Attention: Marlee Morgan

P.O. Box 884

Harrisonburg, Va. 22803

10 News is also collecting letters to send to the UVA community. You can learn more about how you can submit yours here.

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