Att. Gen. Miyares, Roanoke City Sheriff join forces to protect senior citizens from scams

The recharted TRIAD program in the City of Roanoke focuses efforts on reducing crime against seniors

ROANOKE, Va. – A re-energized effort to help protect senior citizens is the purpose of the recharted TRIAD program in the City of Roanoke by Attorney General Jason Miyares.

Miyares teamed up with Roanoke City Sheriff Antonio Hash to bring the program back to life.

“TRIAD is important to our hearts because we think about the senior citizens that are affected by these scams in our community,” said Sheriff Hash.

TRIAD is a collaboration between local law enforcement, senior citizens, and agencies that focus on reducing crime against seniors.

Attorney General Miyares said scams against seniors are on the rise in Virginia.

“Seniors are some of our most vulnerable and there are so many scams and so many bad actors who want to take advantage of them,” Miyares told 10 News. “I don’t care how often you are called, if someone is asking for your social security number, never give it out and never give out your home address, personal information, your date of birth, when you’re born.”

TRIAD is not new to the City of Roanoke or Virginia – it’s a program that’s been around since 1995, under multiple administrations.

As for Virginia Delegate Chris Head, he’s seen firsthand the need for TRIAD.

“My business is taking care of senior adults and the things we have seen and witnessed over the 22 years I’ve been in the industry are shocking and horrifying and we work really hard to protect the seniors that are out there,” Miyares said.

“There are just not enough people who can do that, so when you have something like TRIAD being redone and re-energized, it helps equip people and also raises awareness for people that they have to be paying attention,” said Delegate Head.

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