Pulaski leaders make efforts to support local businesses impacted by waterline project

PULASKI, Va. – Some business owners in Downtown Pulaski are struggling due to new waterline installation near their stores.

Lotoshia Newman has always dreamed of owning a business, now Newman’s dream is her reality.

“I used to design things, when I was 7, I was playing with the cash register because I was going to have my own shop one day,” Newman said. “I have been in the business world since March 1st of 2010.”

Her store Contemporary Concepts Boutique sits along West Main Street in Downtown Pulaski, but trying to make ends meet has become a nightmare because of the waterline installation.

“Here we love the building, love the location, the street closure has caused us to make some adjustments and we’re just going to smile and get through it,” she said.

Pulaski Mayor Shannon Collins said the project’s purpose is to install better waterlines for structures along the street.

“Now we can have a sprinkler system in the building and now can split the use, sprinklers for the restaurants and apartments above, it’s a necessity, and important thing, and is going to change our town,” Collins said.

The problem, though, is the need for foot traffic for businesses on West Main Street.

To help alleviate the pain, struggling business owners between Washington and Jefferson Avenues can apply for a grant of up to $3,000. Half of the funds come from the town, the other from the county.

“I am proud of our town and proud of our county for stepping up there are times people don’t think we work together but we try,” Collins said.

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