Brambleton Recreation Center offering new classes and programs to keep you fit this year

The Center has multipurpose rooms for a variety of classes that include, wellness, cultural arts and more

ROANOKE, Va.Brambleton Recreation Center in Roanoke has a number of different programs and services to keep you and your family healthy.

The Center has multipurpose rooms for various classes, including wellness, cultural arts, summer camps and community rooms.

One of the classes they offer is T’ai Chi. It was initially developed as a Martial Art for self-defense but has now taken on the form of a non-competitive, self-paced form of meditation. The class focuses on letting the body drive the mind through 10 forms at different speeds.

You can also try out a number of their different cycling classes. Cycling improves stamina and endurance, while strengthening core and leg muscles. During this 45-minute class, you are sure to break a sweat!

A newer class being taught at the Center is High Yo. You can get your blood pumping and your muscles moving in a low-impact aerobics and yoga fusion class. This class helps you tackle what it takes to maintain a healthy heart and happy joints with a routine put to hit music.

Brambleton also offers a number of healthy cooking classes. One of the classes teaches you how to add more vegetables to your diet and learn new recipes. You can prepare a breakfast, lunch and dinner meal with the supplies and ingredients provided.

They offer programs on a quarterly basis and if you would like to sign up, click here.

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