Roanoke County School Board discusses VDOE error

Roanoke County Schools say they are not as impacted as other divisions throughout the Commonwealth

ROANOKE COUNTY, Va. – Roanoke County Schools and other Virginia school divisions are looking at what sort of effect the Department of Education’s mistake will have.

During a work session meeting on Thursday afternoon, the Roanoke County School Board discussed the error and talked about what changes will be coming to their finances because of it.

Financial Director, Susan Peterson, explained how the issue happened before talking about the impact.

Ultimately, Roanoke County Schools have a surplus in their budgeting. After the mistake, this school year’s surplus will be just under $700,000 less than expected. Next school year’s surplus will now be $1.7 million less than expected.

Superintendent Ken Nicely said while they understand it was a human error, there still needs to be some sort of solution.

“We understand this is a human error but a lot of school divisions are going to absolutely have to have some help budget-wise to help them absorb this. I’m glad we’re not in as dire straits as some but it’s still a huge loss,” Nicely said.

The school system expects to be part of a larger conversation with VDOE next week.

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