Draft of Roanoke County 200 Plan revealed at meeting

The county will have a series of meetings throughout the 11 community planning areas

ROANOKE COUNTY, Va. – At a series of meetings, Roanoke County is revealing what the future of the county could look like.

It’s called the Roanoke County 200 Plan, which is what planners are calling a major update to the county’s overall comprehensive plan.

The county has worked on the 200 Plan for about two years now. Throughout the past two years, planners like Alexander Jones have gone out into the community to see what they want to see more or less of in the future.

“We went out into the communities both in the Fall of 21′ and the Spring of 22′ and we heard what folks are liking and what they think needs improvement,” Jones said.

The county has worked on small plans here and there in the past few years, but the 200 Plan is a major update county-wide. It looks at what the county could look like 15 years in the future when it will be celebrating the county’s bicentennial year (hence the 200 name).

Since the project is big, the county had to have an overall county document along with documents that specify unique goals for the 11 community planning areas.

Monday night was the first of a series of meetings revealing the plan. This meeting focused on the Catawba, Masons Cove and Glenvar communities.

“One thing we heard, especially towards the beginning of this process, was just when things were shut down for COVID, people would like to see everything get back to full strength, from county services and our libraries to parks and recreation facilities, things like that,” Jones said.

The county wants to make sure it’s always looking toward to future.

“This is important because this is kind of a once-in-a-generation type plan. Especially for young professionals because it’s really shaping their community through the next 15 years,” Jones said.

Below is a schedule of the next meetings for specific planning areas and where the meetings will take place:

  1. Peters Creek: Green Ridge Recreation Center Meeting Room - Wednesday, March 13.
  2. Bonsack/Vinton & Mount Pleasant: Vinton War Memorial Ballroom - Monday, March 6.
  3. Windsor Hills: Hidden Valley High School Auditorium - Wednesday, March 8.
  4. Back Creek & Bent Mountain: Bent Mountain Center Gymnasium - Monday, March 13.
  5. Cave Spring & Clearbrook: South County Library Auditorium - Wednesday, March 15.

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