How the new ATF pistol brace ruling will impact gun owners

Gun owners listen up.

If you don’t take action, you could be charged with a felony.

There’s a new ATF ruling on “stabilizing pistol braces” or similar attachments.

These weapons are now being called short-barreled rifles, which must be registered before the end of May.

That registration includes a $200 fee and a permit application.

Local gun advocates say most people don’t know about these changes.

“Whether they wanna run under the radar or whether they wanna alter the firearm or whether they wanna get it registered, it’s their choice, but I want people to know that you have to do something,” said Marko Galbreath, owner of T4Tactics in Lynchburg.

Some people are challenging the ruling, including Virginia Attorney General Jason Miyares.

He joined two dozen other state attorneys general in suing the ATF, saying the new policy violates your second amendment rights