Search warrants reveal new details in Downtown Roanoke murder

Bullets, DNA, surveillance video found at scene

ROANOKE, Va. – Search warrants obtained by 10 News on Tuesday revealed new details about the moments before and after a deadly shooting in Downtown Roanoke.

According to the search warrants, the deadly shooting happened at Shishka Hookah Bar on Campbell Avenue SE in downtown Roanoke just before 1:30 Sunday morning.

The warrants show that police searched the bar for blood, fingerprints, and DNA evidence. They found clothing, bullets and casings, a phone, a recording device, and firearm accessories.

The documents reveal that witnesses told police that a fight broke out at the bar and then a man in a blue hoodie started shooting into the crowd before he left and ran away.

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Thanks to surveillance video and witnesses, police identified the shooter as Brandon Woods of Roanoke.

Investigators also found surveillance footage that shows Woods with a woman taking pictures together at the bar. Detectives spoke with that woman and learned that she and Woods communicated using her cell phone after the shooting.

Roanoke police are now searching her phone for evidence.

A police spokesperson told 10 News that Woods could face additional charges.

Woods has faced several charges in the past, including assault and battery, destruction of property, and firearm offenses.

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