Tasty Tuesday: Restaurant in downtown Roanoke taking brunch to a new level

Pop on by Food Hut for your next tasty adventure

Brunch continues to be a popular and trendy meal among many, and we found one place that is doing it with a little pizazz in downtown Roanoke.

Let’s visit Food Hut in this week’s Tasty Tuesday.

Patrick Riley and his star-studded team popped onto the scene in downtown Roanoke less than a year ago.

“This was just a perfect spot to kind of team up with Golden Cactus,” said Riley. “People are able to order food from the brewery. We have QR code ordering in there, but the fun part really is the walkup window I think. We get a nice line out here.”

That line formed right at 11 a.m. on the Sunday we visited – oohing and awwing at the unique twist on brunch that food hut offers.

“We like to do approachable and familiar things for our guests, but we always like to make it exciting and unexpected. Sundays we work with roasters next door and this coffee and donuts brunch. Chicken and waffles – that’s our signature Sunday dish.”

From there, the team builds around the sweet and savory pair each and every week.

“Avocado and crab cake benedict, which is really lovely.”

But there was one dish that kept going out the door – in a flash.

“Chilaquiles. House-fried tortilla chips, a salsa roja, a salsa con guacamole, and we had chorizo to that and a fried egg on top. it’s a really beautiful dish.”

Especially when you’ve got head Chef Atticus at the helm.

“Get it all cooked up on the flatty here. Nice little steam lid on top so it cooks up nice and fast for us.”

Adding last-minute touches, whether you want chorizo or added cheese – with style.

So whether it’s the sweet and sugary, the savory or the community vibe – pop on by Food Hut for your next tasty adventure.

Food Hut is open from 4 p.m. to 9 p.m. for dinner Wednesday through Friday nights. They’re open on weekends for brunch and dinner.

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