Radford City school leaders to discuss early dismissal, scheduling changes in meeting

RADFORD, Va. – Radford school leaders are wanting to make sure your child gets a proper education and they want to do that by ensuring teachers have better planning times.

After hearing feedback from parents at a school board meeting in April, school leaders will present two options.

One is early dismissal for all students two days a week.

The other, school leaders feel more confident about, is a 7-period day with planning for teachers at the high school level and early dismissal on Thursday for students in elementary.

Leaders say they want to make options available for parents.

“Transportation is a big deal for us as well, we got a little information about ridership for next year, who’s planning to ride and how many children are planning to ride, we got a lot of good data we’re going to share tonight at our school board meeting,” Robert Graham Superintendent Radford City Schools said.

The school board meeting takes place on Wednesday night.

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