‘What can we do to protect these kids?’: Debate over Roanoke City youth curfew continues

No decision on expanding curfew hours or enforcement was made Monday

ROANOKE, Va. – The debate over youth curfew raged on during Monday’s Roanoke City Council meeting.

All council members agreed that something needs to be done to curb youth gun violence, but there was no clear answer of what to do.

Currently, children 16 and under are not allowed out in public past 11 p.m. on weekdays and midnights on weekends.

Police Chief Sam Roman expressed to the council that the police department is doing what they can, but there are limitations due to staffing.

The chief suggested the council stay the course with the current curfew, but Mayor Sherman Lea voiced concerns that summer is coming, and he worries the problem will only get worse once school is out.

“My position is what can we do other than if the parents do not want to be parents, what can we do to protect these kids? Because now things have changed. They’ve changed in terms of gun violence here,” Mayor Lea said.

No decision on expanding curfew hours or enforcement was made Monday.

Roanoke City Police say they have only had one curfew offense this year.

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