LewisGale emergency doctor warns against exposure to poor air quality

While the air quality has improved in Virginia, other parts of the east coast are still covered in a smoky haze.

Dr. Puneet Chopra, the medical director and chairman of LewisGale Medical Center’s Emergency Department says breathing in that kind of pollution, even for a short time, can be harmful to your health.

He says even otherwise healthy individuals could get sick if they’re exposed, and could trigger reactive airway diseases.

The pollutants get into our lungs and can get stuck there, making it harder for our lungs to do their jobs.

“Then all of a sudden your lungs are working harder, you’re not getting enough oxygen, then your heart is actually working harder,” Dr. Chopra. said. “So that’s why, especially with chronic conditions with lungs, asthma, COPD, heart disease, anything like that with the heart and lungs, you really got to take care.”

He recommends you wear an N-95 mask to protect yourself and check the air quality before spending time outdoors.

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