Fireworks by Grucci expanding to Pulaski County with $5.5M investment

The company’s expansion will create 45 new jobs in Dublin

DUBLIN, Va. – An economic boom for Southwest Virginia.

The world-renowned firework display company, Fireworks by Grucci is expanding to Pulaski County.

The company will be moving into the former Koinonia Tapes and Foams facility located in Shaedawn Industrial Park in Dublin.

The company will invest $5.5 million to expand its assembly, storage, and distribution operations.

Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin visited the new facility to mark the occasion.

“To see a business that is manufacturing here that needs more distribution space, more assembly space is exactly what should be coming to Pulaski County and Southwest Virginia,” he said.

Not only does the company create some of the biggest, most dazzling firework displays, but they also create military training devices to help prepare soldiers to deal with explosives.

“But it won’t be explosives [in this building.] This is where all the administration work will happen. Like the firework display that has 250 pyrotechnicians working on it, the design of that show will happen here,” said the CEO of Fireworks by Grucci, Phil Grucci.

Officials expect this expansion to bring 45 new jobs to the area.

“These are high quality, high paying jobs of all kinds that will further stabilize the economy,” said Pulaski County Administrator, Jonathan Sweet.

Learn more about job openings on Fireworks by Grucci’s website.

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