Lynchburg City Council discusses workplace resolution

The resolution would essentially cease city government communications and training in relation to ‘racism’ and ‘sexism’ concepts

LYNCHBURG, Va. – A very short and heated conversation ended Lynchburg City Council’s meeting on Tuesday.

The last item on Lynchburg City Council’s agenda Tuesday was a discussion regarding a resolution proposed by Councilman Marty Misjuns.

Last week, Misjuns announced on Facebook he would be bringing forth a resolution that he says will “promote merit, excellence, and opportunity in city government.” The resolution was accompanied by a letter by Misjuns that says the item will “contribute to improving workplace culture and ensuring our taxpayers are not funding unnecessary and divisive concepts in the workplace.”

In the resolution, Misjuns lays out a list of definitions for “racist or sexist concepts,” and essentially calls for the city to cease communications, training, and professional development using public funds and employment practices that promote any of the concepts he listed.

During Tuesday’s council meeting, more than a dozen people spoke against the resolution. Groups like the Lynchburg branch of the NAACP and Central Virginia YWCA were amongst some of the groups to talk.

Other comments came from Lynchburg residents like M.W. Thornhill.

“City council and public officials have been placed here to represent the citizens of Lynchburg. What better way of understanding our citizens than having training on diversity,” Thornhill said.

During the agenda item right before Misjun’s resolution, Vice-Mayor Chris Faraldi made a motion to adjourn following the vote on the previous agenda item.

“It was downright insulting to see how city staff were treated and I do not believe that resolution has earned the right to even be debated,” Faraldi said.

Misjuns responded to the motion saying there are serious issues within the city.

“If you talk to the people that work on the front lines. There are serious culture issues within the city government ... serious culture issues. It’s unbelievable,” Misjuns said.

Misjuns went on to say that he was ready to propose moving the agenda item to a work session so it can be discussed by City Council further.

Vice-Mayor Faraldi’s motion passed 5-2 and the meeting was adjourned.

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