Meet July’s 3 Degree Guarantee recipient: Saint Francis Service Dogs

Each month, 10 News selects a charity to donate to based on the accuracy of our forecasts

3 Degree Guarantee (WSLS 10)

As we kick off a new month, it’s time to announce a new 3 Degree Guarantee recipient.

For the entire month of July, each time Your Local Weather Authority accurately predicts the weather, 10 News will donate to the Saint Francis Service Dogs.

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Formed in 1996, the Saint Francis Service Dogs places professionally trained service dogs to assist people with disabilities.

According to the organization’s website, the service dogs assist people with disabilities including autism, cerebral palsy, joint and/or muscular diseases, multiple sclerosis, brain injury, paralysis, and rheumatoid arthritis, among other conditions.

It is now the largest service dog organization in the state and is also accredited by Assistance Dogs International.

“It takes two years and tens of thousands of dollars to raise, train, and place one service dog,” St. Francis Service Dogs said on its website. “We absorb this cost and do not charge our partners for their service dogs.”

Wondering how 3 Degree Guarantee works? Here’s a breakdown:

  • If our forecasted temperature for a given day is within 3 degrees of the actual temperature, we’ll donate $10 to a specific charity
  • If our forecasted temperature is exactly on the dot, we’ll donate $100 to a specific charity

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