New River Valley Fair organizers preparing for heat wave

DUBLIN, Va. – Thousands of people will head to the New River Valley Fair this week, but they’ll also have to endure the heat.

If you are worried about this heat wave, fair officials said there is no better place to be to cool off.

“There’s all sorts of stuff to drink,” Malcolm Boothe, president of the New River Valley Fair, said. “Plenty of soft drinks, plenty of water, lemonade, smoothies, if you want to stay hydrated, you’re at the right place.”

The heat wave is here and not going away. With temperatures reaching into the 90s this week, experts said it is important to stay hydrated if you are going to be outside.

“It’s very critical to try and be hydrated before you even come to the fair because if you get here, once you get here you get to walking around and having a good time, you’re less likely to take in the fluids that you need,” Brad Wright, emergency management coordinator for Pulaski County said.

Fair officials said the heat hasn’t discouraged fair-goers.

″So far it’s been very good,” Boothe said. “We were up considerably Monday night compared to Monday nights in the past. Our grandstands were totally full for the demolition derby.”

Boothe also said if people do come out and get too hot from the heat, emergency services are on location to help cool them down.

“We have a really good working relationship with Pulaski County’s EMS and Sheriff’s Department,” Boothe said. “They are on the grounds every night. They have a cool tent set up for people that do get overheated. They are out amongst the crowd as the fair is going on to take care of the needs of the participants that come to the fair.”

Emergency personnel has this advice to stay safe in the extreme temperatures.

“Take advantage of the shade when you can,” Wright said. “Sit down, take breaks while you’re here, and enjoy the festivities.”

The fair will be open until July 29. Fair officials said each night there is a new event including lawn mower races and 4-wheeler races.

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