Virginia Tech professor discusses historical accuracy of ‘Oppenheimer’

This image released by Universal Pictures shows Cillian Murphy in a scene from "Oppenheimer." (Universal Pictures via AP) (Uncredited, © Universal Studios. All Rights Reserved.)

The “Barbenhemier” box office weekend was a worldwide success with positive reviews. Now — many are questioning the accuracy of “Oppenheimer.”

Virginia Tech Physicist Kevin Pitts says the movie is incredibly accurate — despite a few scenes.

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He points out the movie does a great job depicting scientific discoveries leading to the creation of the atomic bomb.

He also appreciates the precision and details of the first atomic test called the “Trinity Test.”

“Nolan really went for a biographical film and some of the reviews and things I have read are kind f complaining that he didn’t do enough about the bomb project,” Pitts said. “That kind of thing, but it really was about Oppenheimer and the kind of longer arc of his life and I really appreciated that.”

Pitts said there are a handful of dramatizations or details left out, but they don’t hurt the story telling of Robert Oppenheimer’s life.

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