Modine Manufacturing donates school supplies to Buena Vista schools

Buena Vista students are getting a helping hand this back-to-school season thanks to a local company.

On Tuesday, Modine Manufacturing donated 150 backpacks full of school supplies to F.W. Kling and Enderly Elementary schools.

This is the first time the company has made this type of donation.

“This is just one way to give back to the local community, where we might not be selling units but we can still help students start the school year strong,” Matt Niebur, Modine Manufacturing plant manager said.

School leaders said they’re grateful.

“It really does help as schools are tight on money it stretches those supplies that we’re able to give to everyone we don’t have to say you get one pack of crayons, maybe share the orange, it allows everybody to get something for themselves,” Dr. Devan Nicely, Principal at Enderly Elementary said.

Modine has been operating in the city for 60 years.

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