Virginia Tech, Radford University students head back to campus

Excitement for college is kicking off in the New River Valley

BLACKSBURG, Va. – “This is an exciting time, this is the beginning of a journey that will take you all the way to commencement,” said Mark Owczarski, the university spokesperson at Virginia Tech.

Thousands of students are making their way into the New River Valley as college classes get ready to start.

“This is one of the best times of year to be on campus because the energy is high, it’s great to welcome our students to be back on campus and to see all the vibrancy,” said Susan Trageser, vice president of student affairs at Radford University

Virginia Tech and Radford University move-ins are in full swing.

VT started its move-in process with cadets and student-athletes. This week, the rest of the school will move in.

“The atmosphere of the campus in general, as soon as I walked on it was the right thing for me,” said Gavin Hazelton, an incoming first-year student at Virginia Tech.

There is also excitement for the future from students.

“I’m looking forward to engaging with the community, getting into some stuff you know, fun stuff — and making memories for sure,” said Jacie Payne, an incoming first-year student at Virginia Tech.

Radford University started its move-in process with first-year students and transfer students.

For some students, this is an exciting time in their lives.

“Excited. We’re so excited,” said the Gregg family when dropping their son off at Radford University. “Very excited but distraught at the same time.”

Cuorohn Gregg is a first-year student at Radford University and a first-generation college student.

“Being the grandfather, I am extremely happy. I told him 3 and a half ... four years, I’ll be back for graduation,” said Jay Wright, Cuorohn Gregg’s grandfather.

His family said this is just the start of his future.

“His life is going to change,” said Corey Gregg, father to Cuorohn.

Curohn said he knows he has expectations from his family.

“I just know I have a lot of expectations around me to succeed, but I already know I’m going to graduate,” Cuorohn Gregg, an incoming first-year at Radford University.

Students will continue to pour in as the start of class gets closer. The first day of class is August 21 for both schools.

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