‘He’s my boy’: After 637 days, dog finds forever home through Clear the Shelters program

MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Va. – After waiting 637 days, Ice, now known as Ice T, is finally home.

“I mean, he’s just easy to be with,” said Catherine Roop of Hiwassee. “He ain’t complained about nothing.”

Roop said she saw Ice T while watching WSLS 10 when he was featured on Aug. 3.

When she saw him, she knew she needed him.

“I loved him when I saw him on the TV,” said Roop. “I wanted him to have a home, he deserved a home. He’s so pretty, he’s so sweet.”

Since bringing him home, they have been inseparable — a perfect match.

“He ain’t been the first minute’s struggle,” said Roop. “Except he’s a little big, sometimes he knocks stuff off the tables.”

She said she hopes Ice T will be around for a long time.

“Well, I do believe he is a healthy puppy, and I think he’s going to be with me maybe longer than I am.”

She also said he is even earning his keep.

“He has got rid of the [raccoons], I ain’t seen a [raccoon] since he got here,” said Roop. “He’s doing what he is supposed to do.”

Roop is not the only one excited about Ice T getting a forever home.

Eileen Mahan, director at the Montgomery County Animal Care and Adoption Center said when they found out Ice T was getting adopted, the entire crew was cheering.

“It was a party, everyone was just like ‘Oh my gosh, Ice is getting adopted! Ice is getting adopted!’” said Mahan.

There are plenty of animals still at the Montgomery County Care and Adoption Center. If you want to get in, all you have to do is call 540-382-5795 or visit and talk to a staff member.

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