Roanoke barbershop making sure kids make a good ‘First Impression’ heading back to school

First Impressions in Roanoke gave kids free haircuts Sunday

ROANOKE, Va. – “You only get one chance to make a first impression,” stylist and manager at First Impressions Aleshia Meyers said.

That’s the motto for First Impressions Barbershop and Salon in Roanoke.

Meyers wants to ensure kids have all they need to make a great first impression as they head back to the classroom.

“You only get one chance. So this way, everybody goes back, like I said, on an even playing field. You look nice; you feel nice; your attitude is better,” Meyers said.

From 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Sunday, the shop opened its doors to give kids free back-to-school haircuts and styles.

Barber George Harrington says people lined up before they even started.

“It feels good because I know the kids need it. The first kid was here at 6:30 this morning,” Harrington said.

Meyers says it’s about more than a haircut.

“You’re not just doing it by yourself. When we see them, not just on this day, but when we see them out in public, when they come here sometimes, we talk to them we try to teach them good things,” she said.

It’s an act of love, according to Harrington.

“It’s something you give back that just comes from the bottom of your heart. You’re just giving time, it doesn’t cost nothing,” he said.

First Impressions says they’ve held this event for nearly 20 years, hoping to take a financial burden off of parents.

In addition to haircuts, they gave away shoes, clothes, food and school supplies.

“This is very important. You’re already buying clothes; you’re already buying shoes, books, bookbags, everything, so it just feels good not to have to worry about that,” Meyers said.

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