Roanoke City Schools welcome students with new staggered bell schedule

ROANOKE, Va. – It’s a new school year for students in the City of Roanoke.

“You can feel the energy. Teachers are energetic and happy to have their kids back. Our students, you can see the smile on their faces,” said Roanoke City Superintendent Verletta White.

Classes started on Tuesday with a new staggered bell schedule in place.

Buses will be arriving at schools within 15-minute intervals.

Superintendent White said the morning route was successful.

Officials are expecting the staggered schedule to prevent tardiness and bus delays, both of which have caused problems in the past.

“So that we can get our kids to school on time and home on time,” said Superintendent White.

Another problem the district is overcoming this year is staffing struggles among bus drivers.

“We have a fully staffed transportation department. We are really happy Durham has come through that way,” said White.

Grandin Court Elementary students were visited by Superintendent White on Tuesday, even sitting down to read a story to a class of first-graders.

Principal Will Krause said reading and getting young students excited about learning is what his teachers are focused on.

“This is the beginning of it all. This is where we get to instill a love of learning with all of our students,” said Krause.

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