Roanoke Mayor Sherman Lea delivers State of the City address

ROANOKE, Va. – Affordable housing in Roanoke was one of the main topics at Thursday’s State of the City address.

Mayor Sherman Lea spoke about the housing needs Roanoke City residents face, and initiatives the city has taken over the past year to address them.

While providing affordable housing remains a top concern, Lea said he’s proud of investments made in Southeast and in Northwest neighborhoods.

“What we are doing in the northwest with regards to the Melrose Plaza dealing with the food desserts, dealing with education and opportunities there,” Mayor Lea said. “We are touching bases in each of the needed areas in our city to make sure that people have a way to make their lives better.”

10 News also spoke to Mayor Lea about the rise in gun violence.

“No one is more upset with things going on regarding gun violence than I am, than city administration is, than our local law enforcement is,” he said. “Something we have been emphasizing is that is going to take community. I said that in that latter part of my speech that we are all going to have to be involved in that.”

Lea said he is encouraged about hiring a new police chief.

While he couldn’t talk about specifics, Mayor Lea said there are more things coming that will help address the problem.

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